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I’ve read about this crazy new fad of cooking cinnamon rolls in a waffle maker all over the Internet, so I just had to give it a try. The hardest part about making these was getting that damn can to pop open after I’d peeled the label off. After the glorious carb-filled dough is released from it’s air tight can, slap those individually sliced bad boys into your waffle maker and cook! Mine is a Belgian waffle press so I was able to fit two rolls with no problem; but, if you have a smaller sized press, it might be best to do one at a time. I cooked these on the high setting for about two minutes, 1:30 on each side, and they turned out perfect. For the icing, I’d read how some people mixed powdered sugar, milk, and vanilla with the icing that comes in the can. I didn’t have any powdered sugar, so I just melted the icing the way it came, and it turned out just fine!

Quick easy breakfast tricks are the best. I was so pleased that this was actually as easy as it seemed to be! I’ll be using this simple hack from time to time when I wake up craving something sweet. Happy pressing!